You are expected to make a presentation about the problems and expectations of young people in the first day of the workshop. Presenting a youth problem in your country is more preferable. You can choose your topic among the themes given below.

  • Technology and Youth
  • Addiction and Youth
  • Extremism and Youth
  • Social Media and Youth
  • Migration and Youth
  • Future Concerns and Youth
  • Unemployment and Youth
  • Education and Youth
  • Language and Youth
  • Culture and Youth
  • Society and Youth
  • Religion and Youth
  • Politics and Youth

You are expected to present your topic and contribute to other presentations with your comments and questions in the first day.

In the second day of the workshop, every two participants will combine a group. It means there will be ten groups. Each group will develop a project related to solution of a youth problem. You are expected to be a compatible group member and be creative.

All the applications should be done online through the website. https://www.fikiratolyesi.info/form/application

20 young people from different MENA countries will have the right to participate the event.

The first criterion is the quality of your submission. The referees will evaluate all the submissions and decide the best 20 to invite the workshop. Therefore you are advised to pay attention to academic quality of your submission.

Secondly workshop aims to bring young people from different countries of MENA together. It means the referees will consider the country diversity also. As a third criterion, the referees will consider gender equality.

The chosen submissions will be announced at the 20th of September. The project team reserve the right to change the deadline.  The results will be announced on the website.

Deadline for Submissions: 06 October 2019

Announcement of Accepted Papers: 08 October 2019

The Dates of the Workshop: 14-17 November 2019

In the second day of the workshop, you are expected to suggest a project related to solution of a youth problem. You may be to make some researches to develop your ideas. That’s why you are advised to bring your computer. You will be provided free internet.

There will be a desktop computer in the hall that you can use while doing your presentation. And there will be a projection so that you can show your materials to the audiences. Also, there will be internet connection in the building without charge.

The workshop will provide arrival and departure flight tickets to you without charge. The travel inside your country for the airport will not be met. Your flights will be to Istanbul and you will be welcomed at airport. You will travel to Sakarya by bus which lasts three hours.

The workshop will provide free food and accommodation to you also. You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner in Sakarya University restaurant and you will stay in Sakarya University guest house. In the last two days the workshop will bring you to Istanbul for sightseeing. It will be free and you will be provided food and accommodation.

The workshop will provide free food and accommodation just for the event dates. In case you may have to stay one or two days more in Istanbul or Sakarya because of your flight dates and times, you are advised to have money with you. The project team will help you for arrangements but you need to cover your expenses out of event dates.

The workshop will provide free Istanbul trip to you in the third and fourth day of event. You will visit palaces, museums, mosques, churches and historical places of Istanbul. You will have one night in Istanbul in a hotel. You will enjoy beautiful city of Istanbul.