Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) established on 6 April 2010, has the task to coordinate the activities for Turks living abroad, related (sister) communities and Türkiye Scholarship Program, and develop the services and activities carried out in these fields.

With the efforts of Presidency, the relations with our citizens living abroad and also with the sister communities are strengthened and closer economic, social and cultural relations are established. Also Türkiye Scholarship holders and alumni, became our volunteer ambassadors all over the world.

For further information please visit https://www.ytb.gov.tr/en

YTB has supported the workshop financially and will support the best project suggestion financially which will be chosen at the end of workshop. Generous financial contribution of YTB has made the workshop possible.



Middle East Institute (ORMER) was founded in 2014 as Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Sakarya University and became an institute in June 2015 as Middle East Institute. The institute offers several graduate programs of study at the levels of MA and PhD. The courses are taught in three languages ​​(Turkish, English and Arabic) by lecturers and researchers who are experts in their fields relating to the Middle East.

ORMER unites Middle East Studies in a more corporate structure. This structure has already become a centre of interest for many disciplines related to Middle East including Politics, Economy, International Relations, Sociology, Theology and History. This interdisciplinary mindset is able to provide a more viable and extensive analysis in both local and global scale. Additionally ORMER trains researchers and keeps the academic activity alive by MA/PhD programs and various events.

ORMER advances both specialised knowledge and public understanding of the Middle East. ORMER acknowledges the assets of carrying out inter-disciplinary and social science research, combined with real regional expertise. The multidisciplinary nature is reinforced by close collaboration with departments and individuals in the region.

ORMER has supported the workshop by providing a hall with full equipment ready for presentations and meeting rooms for group workings. Researchers and academics in ORMER will contribute to the workshop by evaluating the applications and new project suggestions.



Sakarya University is the only university in Turkey that has the European Quality Award which is one the most respected awards in the World. Sakarya University initiated quality studies in 2000 and get the results by getting the institution crowned with ‘Turkish Excellence Award’ and sustained its success by receiving the 'Turkish Continuity of Excellence Award' in 2013. SAU, the only university that has achieved these achievements at national level, has also added a new achievement to its success by getting the EFQM European Excellence Award in 2015.

Maintaining the equal and qualified education for all students, Sakarya University is developing its academic cast both in quantity and quality-related terms. Sakarya University emphasizes internationalization as most of its academic staff has experienced a study abroad.

242 professors, 213 associate professors and 502 assistant professors with a total of 2 thousand qualified and competent teaching staff are ready to prepare students to the life in the best way possible.

Sakarya University has supported the workshop with its academic and researchers. The human resource of Sakarya University has enriched the content of the workshop.



Bilgi Kültür Merkezi (BKM) is a civil society organization founded in 2003. It aims to internationalize university students and help foreign students to adapt to the city. It organizes events, panels, workshops and conferences. It realized many project with institutions. It contributes to the cultural transformation of city and introduces multiculturalism. Here are the some projects of the BKM.

  • 2018-2019 Sakarya International Students Academy: Cultural, Academic and Vocational Education Project
  • 2017 International Students Academy: Turkey Seminars Program
  • 2016 Sakarya International Students Academy: Cultural, Academic and Vocational Education Project
  • 2015 Sakarya International Students Academy: Cultural, Academic and Vocational Education Project
  • 2014 Youth Bridges Program: Vocational Education and Cultural Interaction Project for Sakarya University International Students with Türkiye Scholarship
  • 2013 Complementary Education and Cultural Interaction Program for International Students Studying at Sakarya University